Job Search-- Should I WRITE FOR my dyslexic boyfriend?

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Job Search-- Should I WRITE FOR my dyslexic boyfriend?

Post by Paris608 » Tue Jun 27, 2017 9:04 am

I'd like some advice/ stories of experience about writing struggles and job search with dyslexia:

My boyfriend who I've been dating (and will probably get married to soon) has minor to medium dyslexia. I am not dyslexic and have had a lot of practice with writing as well as some natural talent, and I guess I have not always understood (and that's why I want to learn).

He is currently just out of college doing job search, but has become very stressed with job applications, asking me to edit his job objective, experience, or even write whole cover letters for specific companies, saying he doesn't know where to start or that if he does it it will take him 2 hours+ to write a few sentences and that I can get it done much faster and better than him. At first I passed this off as "Oh, well you know he just needs more experience writing, so I really shouldn't be doing all this for him." Whenever he asked for help, I'd often nag him to write it first himself and I can help to edit it and polish it up, but he often tells me simply can't say what he really wants to say and he's afraid if he does it himself companies will turn him away. (He's highly qualified and a very hard worker, but getting into the door has been difficult for him).

I've heard that dyslexia is like running a 100 meter race with other people, except only your lane has hurdles and the others don't. So it takes much much more effort to just do simple writing/ reading things.

So I'd like some advice/ experience: Would it be appropriate to write his resumes and cover letters FOR him, asking him for input along the way? Or would it be better to advice and give him some tutoring/ practice so he can do it for himself inn the future? (which I've suggested but he really resents when I mention this?) Would this really help? What is it REALLY like, the feelings, experiences, struggles in doing things like writing essays and job applications for people with dyslexics? I do love him and I'm trying to understand.

ANY feedback is appreciated, whether you've dealt with dyslexia yourself or with someone you love.

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