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Living with dyslexia and not knowing it.

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2020 2:54 am
by Dean77
Wow where and how do i start. chapter 1 beer 1

Gess i should introduce myself my name is Dean from Australia and im 43 years old dam where does the time go. :D
Childhood i grow up in a typical new 1970 brickvnear neighbourhood with lots of children my age to play with so wasn't to bad for the most part. I believe i was pretty much the typical dyslexic child couldn't stand school was bullied being a small redhead child with low self-esteem didn't help, i was getting into trouble all the time cant say way tho just wasn't one for rule i gess if someone told me not to do something lol i just had to do it. I was whats the word i'm looking for shy yes closed off not sharing my emotions, i know i wasn't very happy but don't really think too much about things for some reason i miss that, i did have one good friend so in many ways i probably look like a normal child climbing trees going out on adventures riding my bike and getting into mischief.
My learning difficulties were picked up by some teachers i had a basic possibly iq test in grade 3 or four which only consisted of putting small wooden blocks together to make 3 dimensional shapes surprisingly i do remember that quite well as i loved playing with lego, that one off test was absolutely pointless that was all my school was willing to do, since i pass that test proving to them that i was normal. later in life i found out that the teacher that insisted i got tested was fired for being homosexual all possibly just rocking the boat at the heavily dominated female controlled school.

chapter 2 beer 2
Secondary college was better in some ways i chosed a school that no one from my pre school was going to noble park technical college which was full of misfits just like me i did still get a little bullied but it wasn't to bad just the odd red head red pubes jokes. did well there in all the technical subjects metals & work shoot metal sheet metal electronic even lead lighting.
English and mathematics was non existent as far as i can tell you . that schools ended up being closed down so i had to finish year 10 at a nearby secondary college cheated my way through english luckily sat next to the smartest kid in the room who would do all my spelling for me i did have to do a speech can't remember what it was but i know i was nervous as hell and stuttering very badly i'm pretty sure no one knew what i was saying. I also pay a friend sister to do my assignment for me. To my surprise mint i found mathematics quite easy getting 100 percent in algebra and trigonometry. I Still dont know all my times tables tho in preschool that's what you think mathematics is so i had no idea i could be good at it. Im still proud of my accomplishment in math to bad i could never go any higher in mathematics as english is compulsory in school so had to leave at the age of 17. Year 10 was my gole and all i needed for an apprenticeship.

chapter 3 beer 3 😆

Well typical teenager i did want a job but there was a recession, i have to admit i didn't try very hard i didn't really have any idea how to get one, my Dad wasn't much help all he would say in my day we would just go from door to door asking for work i did try it in the factory districts in the area to no avail may have worked in the 1940 s but not in the 1990s.
So for the next 3 years i smoke drugs hung out at arcade playing games and getting drunk listening to music metallica nirvana s*** like that living the good life, not really as i still wanted a apprenticeship in something any bloody thing so i was getting slowly more & more depressed. But all that was soon to change a friend of mine started a pre apprenticeship course in machinery somehow i jumped on board, i took a likeing to one of the teacher's there he reminded me of my grandfather grumpy old prick 😂 i gess he could tell how keen i was to work and impress the next thing i remember is being pulled out of a classroom and offered an apprenticeship. Things were starting to look up all were they !

Getting a little dizzy need a brake let me know if you'd like to hear more I'm sure my story can help some people and hoping to here from people that have had the same experience as me.

Re: Living with dyslexia and not knowing it.

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 8:49 am
by Dean77
Will try to add more one day without to meny beers 😆 been the little depressed and have double my medication antidepressants epilepsy medication and meds for my insomnia. Cup still half full tho good night all

Re: Living with dyslexia and not knowing it.

Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2020 11:40 am
by travasons
Oh man that's not a good idea to drink beer.. But I feel the same I was diagnosed about a year and half and just worried about how it affects everything I do importantly my work.

Re: Living with dyslexia and not knowing it.

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2020 12:02 pm
by AsF
I am currently doing my final year dissertation, i would very much appreciate you to participate, please complete this survey when you have time. It consists of two questionnaires, The aim of this study is to analyse the self-efficacy and academic confidence of dyslexic and non-dyslexic individuals, please have a positive approach and answer with honesty. Your participation will be anonymous, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me [email protected].

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