Looking for help for a school essay

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Looking for help for a school essay

Post by TobyMacaroni » Thu Sep 22, 2016 4:07 pm

Hello guys,

First of all, excuse my writing mistakes. English isn't my mothertongue and I always try to learn new things about that amazing language.

I'm looking for some people, who might help me with a school project about dyslexia. I have to write an short essay about that topic and I'm looking for some reallife stories.
Maybe how you're dealing with this disorder, how successful you're in your life even with dyslexia or how you mastered all the difficulties in your everyday life. Or you might have some people with dyslexia in your family and you have made some experiences? I'm very interessted in any kind of story you will share with me. If someone doesn't want to be named in my work he can write me an anonymous mail at [email protected]. Actually everyone can write me on this mail adresse if you want to contact me.

I hope some of you might have a few minutes to write me some lines.


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Re: Looking for help for a school essay

Post by EricRomm » Sun Nov 13, 2016 10:04 pm

Hey, Toby.

It's good you decided to write something on Dyslexia. Hope it helps many who suffer from it. Here are some really good essays on Dyslexia on 123helpme . I think this will help you write your piece.

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