43 with Dyslexia had a bad day

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43 with Dyslexia had a bad day

Post by ionka » Wed Jun 28, 2017 7:50 am

Today i had for the first time in a long time experienced vulnerability. I had a terrible time at school and did not find out i was dyslexic until my early 20s. Since i found out i was able to understand and become confident with myself and it all became clear when i was diagnosed that my brain is wired differently. It does bring it struggles and i have found ways of dealing with it but generally, i am a happy content, confident person with dyslexia.
But today i had a meeting and the person was telling me lots of information both verbally and going through forms and showing on the computer she was giving me so much information at once that i could hear her voice but could not take it all in. I actually felt so vulnerable and did not want to tell her that i was dyslexic and she is overloading me with info. I thought she would not understand me if i said that and people do see it as an excuse.So i felt that vulnerable inner child and felt so daunted that i was fighting back the tears. I had to tell her that i was not feeling well and had to leave. Now i have been feeling bad all day. Feel a bit knocked back!! Normally i have the confidence and i am never ashamed of being vocal about having Dyslexia. Until recently a few people brush it off or say that its just and excuse\label for not trying!! :shock: :shock: :shock:
Even in my 40s i am faced with the challenges it brings and today i feel lonely with it, like that vulnerable child at school trying to understand
I am not ashamed usually but today i feel it :cry: :cry:

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Re: 43 with Dyslexia had a bad day

Post by iimoht » Tue Jul 03, 2018 11:04 am

Sorry you are feeling lonely. I hate the embarrassment of having to ask people to repeat themself but generally I find it's better to ask the person to repeat then to walk away pretending you know what they're on about.
But I'm sure you know this but simply just had a bad day. We all have them and even though I'm able to be optimistic here I know it's hard to be yourself!
hope you get your confidence back :)

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Re: 43 with Dyslexia had a bad day

Post by [email protected] » Tue Feb 26, 2019 8:13 am

Think about the meaning of words. You can control the words you use and what they mean to you. You used the word "shame" and there should be no shame for something you can't control and something you did not purposely do. Limoht used the word "embarrassment" and that is akin to shame but a little less severe. I would say "frustrated" and that happens to everyone sometime. Meaning I think your feelings are normal and to be expected under the circumstances. I just started on the forum and noticed that a few people use "work arounds" to make things easier. I would say take charge as much as you can and plan ahead for your meetings. Be ready for if this occurs, then that (your response). Get some tricks for your tool bag, look into self help topics in Audible or YouTube. Audible will give you your first book free. At your age you might like Tony Robbins book Unshakeable. It is mostly for investing but within the chapters he talks about successful people and their behaviors. There is a motivational segment at the very end.
Learn one good trick and you will be ahead.

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