Help with Davis Tools and Strategies

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Help with Davis Tools and Strategies

Post by AbigailM » Sun Dec 07, 2014 11:15 pm

Davis Orientation - Symbol Mastery - Koosh Ball. Post your questions or experiences here.

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Re: Help with Davis Tools and Strategies

Post by Venice » Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:28 pm

My son will turn 10 soon. This January he took a 5-day correction programme according to Davis’s method in one of certified centers. Now, every day we play in Koosh balls (my son is rather good in catching the balance and balls), we sculpt the words (4-5 words in a week). For now, he’s already sculpted 67 words. He got the orientation point according to the 2nd method.

All in all, there is a positive progress in these 3 months, especially in English (that’s a foreign language for him), but he was coping with this subject well before the correction. There are some positive shifts in Russian language (native for him), some minor shifts in reading and no shifts in Math yet.

Especially, I’m confused with the modest progress in reading. The growth of speed in almost 3 month is only about 15 words per 1 minute. If before the correction he was reading about 22-25 words in a minute, these days he can read around 40 words in a minute. But not always like that. The speed of reading and the amount of mistakes depend on the nature of the text. If there are many unknown words in it, the speed goes down, my son surely stops and asks for the meaning of the words. The amount of mistakes rising – he changes words to those he knows. For example, he changes the word ‘car’ (in the meaning of basket) to the word ‘truck’ (probably he makes a link with a body of a truck). Also, it seems to me that he gets immediate bright images of what he reads – he asks many clarifying questions about what he just read. Even an ordinal Math exercise might cause intense fantasies, what distracts from the task itself. All in all, fast reading without mistakes turns impossible for him because of distractions on unclear moments and interesting for him questions.
Will he be able ever to read fluently with this kind of thinking? How we should build lessons out of these features?

The second question is the orientation point, set on the 2nd method seems to me like an unclear “black box”. I don’t have an opportunity to check how he imagines hands of an ‘imaginary child’. Does he imagine them at all? When I ask him about them, he says that he imagines. But is that true? I don’t know.
Recently he read a text, read it rather bad (made lots of mistakes). I asked to read it once again, earnestly asked to check his orientation (to imagine the hands). I always remind him, but this time I asked especially. The kid read the text for the 2nd time the way better, almost without mistakes, just with several stumbles. So, it works. But why the child uses this skill from time to time? How can I help him to automate this skill?

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Re: Help with Davis Tools and Strategies

Post by Andy » Mon Apr 20, 2015 6:07 am

Hi Venice, while Abigal keeps silence, let me show my opinion.
My son passed course by Davis 2 years ago. Just after course I noticed his curiosity increased. He began asking meaning of the words he had no problems with. I believe curiosity is a good sign, and all the questions should be answered and clarified. Of course it can be some kind of trick not to read, but not to make him reading too much. Reading more will not make reading better. Just let him read one paragraph, it is usually enough to find trigger words. Do you use bookmarks during reading? My son read with bookmarks faster, than without them.
As to "black box" - it is really a problem not to have feedback from child's mind. My son was oriented with 1st method and he could point his orientation with finger. I know one boy, who was oriented with 2nd method, he refuses to point orientation because of it coincides with imaginary kid's eyes. Try to ask your son to point imaginary kid's nose.
Hope it'll help.

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