Never been diagnosed

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Never been diagnosed

Post by Marie90 » Mon Jun 24, 2019 3:31 pm

Hello I am new to the forum. I am 29 year old adult who has never been diagnosed with dyslexia but feel that I probably am or have a similar learning difficulty. I have always struggled with writing, communication, speaking (I always find it hard to have a conversation with people because my head goes blank and I can’t find the words), trouble understanding words, forgetting words, terrible atmaths, awful short term memory.

I struggled a lot at school but was not the worst in my class so felt invisible to the teachers and they never realised how much I struggled. I was also helped with homework by my parents so guess that hid how hard I found it. I did get maths and English GCSEs with a lot of hard work and help from parents but it’s all forgotten now I can’t do basic maths like adding up etc. And forgot all things I learned at school. Have to count on my fingers and I find writing hard, I always go on and on and can’t be clear and to the point.

Anyway I live in uk and wondered if anyone knows how an adult can be tested, how to be tested, who to see? Also are there any courses in uk to help people with writing skills or communication skills? Or dyslexia courses? Any books you would recommend? I can’t find much online so any advice would be really appreciated.

It’s really difficult at the moment and my job is stressing me a lot because I work in an office. I got the job through a relative who works there who always did a lot of the emails and writing (She knew I struggled with this so did the things I found difficult) but now she has reduced her hours and we hardly work the same days I have to do all these things and I have worked there over 2 years and don’t know how to tell people I am struggling. I can write but I am very slow and sometimes I text my partner and ask for advice on my lunch break about emails I am going to send! I’m sure other colleagues notice how slow I am and think I am lazy, but I am too embarrassed to tell them I am struggling. I find emails, writing letters and just speaking to people so hard as I often use the wrong words or don’t understand what colleagues and customers mean sometimes when they speak to me. For example if someone uses a word or phrase I don’t understand I just go quiet or mumble something which often gets me strange looks. It happens quite a lot and people have made comments about me being a bit dosy and not all there. Feel really stupid at times.

It gives me social anxiety for so long so I avoid social situations as I struggle to keep up, or I can’t find the words to respond in conversations it’s like words don’t come to me instead I get feelings or images in my head, not words and I can’t express myself.

People say or think I’m shy but I’m not really I just stay quiet out of fear of saying the wrong thing or making an embarrassment out of myself.

I’m not sure if this is dyslexia but I feel like my brain is wired differently and just want some help because I am fed up of feeling stupid all the time.

Thanks for reading this!

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Re: Never been diagnosed

Post by AbigailM » Thu Jul 04, 2019 9:43 pm

Marie, if you would like to talk to someone about your concerns or to get help, you can locate Davis Facilitators in the UK with this link:

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Re: Never been diagnosed

Post by scotty » Tue Oct 29, 2019 10:08 am

Hi Marie that is very much how I feel, I hope you find some help here, me I feel Iv been misdiagnosed since primary school.
Best wishes

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