Test results = dyslexia or not?

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Test results = dyslexia or not?

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My daughter has struggled with reading for several years, and each year, her teachers have said they believe she's dyslexic or has some kind of reading disability. Her grandma and aunt are both diagnosed dyslexics. The school recently tested my daughter, but they cannot diagnose, so I am not sure what to make of these test results. Do these look like she may be dyslexic or is it something else entirely? Thanks for any input and suggestions on next steps. I have sent the results to a dyslexia center, but they said it will take several weeks to hear from them.

KABC-II scaled scores:
Atlantis - 8
Story Completion - 15
Number Recall - 9
Rover - 11
Expressive Vocabulary - 14
Verbal Knowledge - 13
Rebus -12
Triangles - 14
Word Order - 8
Pattern Reasoning - 12
Riddles - 13

Scale Index Scores
Sequential/short term memory 91 (27 %ile
simultaneous/visual processing 116 (86%ile)
learning/long-term storage and retrieval 100 (50%ile)
planning 121 (92%ile)
knowledge/crystallized ability 117 (87%ile)
fluid-crystallized index 111

Nonsense word decoding 86 (18%ile)
Decoding composite 85 (16%ile)
Letter & Word Recognition 87 (19%ile)
spelling 85 (16%ile)
reading comprehension 104 (61%ile)
reading vocabulary 98 (45%ile)
reading understanding composite 101 (53%ile)

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