Being dyslexic stops me from my wanted career

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Being dyslexic stops me from my wanted career

Post by losingsleep » Tue Mar 17, 2020 8:56 pm

New here. With how long it took me to find the words for the "subject" being dyslexic effects me everyday. :roll: I don't know what to say... I just don't want to feel alone I guess. I was diagnosed when I was young, 8-9. Now I'm 27 year old man. I've gotten through life by the skin of my teeth. I work in healthcare in a hospital which I love. It taken me a lot to get here. Growing up I would never tell anyone I am dyslexic. I felt/ feel embarrassed, shy. Think people would treat me different. I still feel the same now. Even when I needed help on study's I wouldn't voice my needs. Oh... Did I mention I'm Dyscalculia as well! Best of both worlds. I don't think anyone will ever realise how frustrating it is to not be able to think of numbers without your brain feeling like it's going to explode. I was on a course to get math grades up. The course was a work from home, an hour in I was almost in tears! I hate the fact that I just can not understand it. Right now I am happy and earn a living but it's. It my dream but I'm settling just because of what I've got. I feel like it's only me that feels like this. I'm sorry I've gone on and not really said much but I just needed to say this. Say this to people that I think who would understand.

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