Dyslexic mind is the battlefield

Traits of Dyslexia - Specific Tools - Personal Experiences
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Dyslexic mind is the battlefield

Post by Dean77 » Wed Mar 18, 2020 4:54 pm

Hi guys plz help

I was just diagnosed with dyslexia last Thursday at the age of 43 i also battle with epilepsy, anxiety and insomnia, my seizures are under control but meditations always have there drawbacks.

Any way i dont mind give you guys some info about my dyslexic , well how else can u help me.
Going by my psychologist/iQ report
Im of average intelligence whatever that means 60 percentile
Good at reading numbers 80 percentile
Logically minded 91st percentile
English mathematics and memory not good well very poor
Could not be talking / writing to you without speech recognition.

Down to the point ive gone most of my life think my problems were due to my epilepsy, so im having to
Re-evaluate my life causing quite the headache. Try to find the real cause of some of my problems. Feels like theres a lot of them.

Just like to know if other dyslexics are having similar problems is it normal?

1.) My thoughts / emotions are always in conflict with my ethics

2.) Constantly planning conversations in my mind some normal eg stories to tell friends, but others are a bad habit like what i should have said or done to people in the past alot antisocial/vengeful and also I guess you could say imaginary absolute fiction. Its very hard to stop as I said bad habit keeps me up at night.

3.) Easily frustrated with people definitely when I don't get my own way. Or people dont seam to be listening to me or not understanding me.

4.) Hate surprises, changing plans, taking too much on too many jobs at one time , being told what I already know. Some women and children that just keep on talking nonsense just makes me nauseous.

5.) Just annoying when knives and forks are'nt arranged properly toilet paper in underhanded position yes lol 😂 i can be a little fussy sometimes I think this is a normal. Not such a big problem but just funny anyway.

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Re: Dyslexic mind is the battlefield

Post by Dean77 » Tue Mar 31, 2020 4:40 am

Googled my strengths and I found out a lots about my self it all made perfect sense, Wikipedia said my strengths are in Engineering which I already know because I finished an apprenticeship in mechanical engineering just as epilepsy got the better of me. Stoped me from working. Wikipedia also stated that my strengths lie in physics mathematics and natural science and strangely enough the stock market.
Just as the coronavirus was shutting down all the businesses and airports I knew I had to look into their shares I found an online broker and started buying shares in airports around the world I noticed that the price of oils was plummets to so had to buy into oil also so far ive turned 30K into 100K of shares its the first time in my life that the price of oil going up puts a smile on my face.
Cant beleave im now making money because i did a $1100 dollar dyslexic test best $1,100 I've ever spent.
Once the world gets back to normal i should be one happy dyslexic $$$

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