Will the Davis method work for me

Davis Methods - Theory and Practice
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Will the Davis method work for me

Post by DiauddinNammari » Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:58 am

Dear all,
I am a 40 years old with dyslexia, I do struggle a lot at work ( as I have to lots of reports etc..) and have lots of energy for a 40 year old. I stumbled upon the Davis program by a fluke, met with two facilitators but can't really decide. Are there any article scientific findings or reports ?
I'm not sure what to expect what will happen during the " meeting "with the facilators and post meetings ?
Kind regards

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Re: Will the Davis method work for me

Post by AbigailM » Sun Jun 28, 2015 4:14 am


The key factor to success with Davis methods is level of motivation -- so the short answer is that if the facilitators you have talked to have recommended the program, then it will work if you want it to.

Another way of thinking about this is: a Davis facilitator will work with you to find and address major sources of confusion for you, and will give you tools that you can use to function effectively going forward. The tools will work for anyone--but you have to use them. So that's why motivation is so important - the more motivated you are, the more likely you are to embrace the Davis tools and use them consistently after the program.

You'll find information about research into Davis methods here: http://www.dyslexia.com/research

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